As a veterinarian who tends to use a more holistic approach , the Mutha Buggah spray has been a godsend . We use it on animals and people with wonderful results . It smells wonderful too. Looking forward to offering the latest batch to my patients .
Dr Heather Sacks
I love this bug spray! It works so well on mosquitos, ticks and other gnats. I use on my kids and my dog too!! It smells so good. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about bathing my kids before bed if we are out because it has no chemicals. Lastly I love to just spray it on me and also in my hair in between washings. It smells wonderful. I have been using the bug spray for 2 years.
Brenda Fitts
Raynham, MA
My husband and I love walking through the woods with our dogs. We walked last summer one evening and got eaten by mosquitoes. It did not make for a great experience. I do not like spraying chemicals on my skin so I can’t use any of the commonly used bug sprays. Then I learned about jacsan oils Mutha Buggah all natural bug spray. It was a life saver!!! It smells soooo good and is all natural and works like a charm. My husband and I walked with our dogs through the deep woods and did not get bit once!!! My husband and I love this bug spray!!
Kathryn Logan
Attorney & Mom, Quincy MA

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Jake & Susan, jacsan oils, cannot guarantee that our products will work for everyone. We’ve received success stories from our yoga students who have used the products for the past couple of years. And we have had success in our personal use. We feel our Mutha Buggah and Lil Buggah formulas are the best yet and we hope they work for everyone!
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