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jake and susan

At Jacsan Essential Oils we create all natural products using only the highest quality certified organic essential oils. Everything is handcrafted in small batches. Our goal is to help people live life naturally, free of chemicals not only on our skin & in our homes but also being mindful of what we spray onto our yoga mats and into the air. We want to do our part to protect our environment, save the bees and the trees! Jacsan Essential Oils started with Mutha Buggah and Lil Buggah Bug Sprays for mosquitos and ticks. We love the outdoors but mosquitos love us. We refused to use Deet and came up with a formula that works great, stops the itch and heals the skin quickly using Mutha Buggah After Bite. We now offer many room sprays (citrusy, woodsy and spicy) that we use at home and in Susan's yoga classes (yogawitsusan.com). We are just finishing up our line of beard oils, men's facial and body moisturizers and a full line for women, perfume rollers, inhalers and gardening sprays and so much more! We also custom blend any product. Keep an eye on our website which will be fully updated with exciting new products by mid-May. Jacob and Susan Maysmith 🐝

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    Jake & Susan, jacsan oils, cannot guarantee that our products will work for everyone. We’ve received success stories from our yoga students who have used the products for the past couple of years. And we have had success in our personal use. We feel our Mutha Buggah and Lil Buggah formulas are the best yet and we hope they work for everyone!
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